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Category Warehouse Management

Shipping Manifest
     with Fuel Surcharge
     and optional UPS Worldship Integration

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The Shipping Manifest Module tracks the status of an order from the time the ticket is printed, picked, packed, shipped confirmed and finally invoiced. The status is available, real-time and online, from anywhere within the Activant Acclaim?system 

These are critical processes for any organization. 

  • Expedite orders with precise knowledge of order status.
  • Improve customer service with real time shipment information.
  • Identify lost or missed shipments immediately 

Another added feature to the Manifest Module is its reporting capabilities.

Here are some of the Report Examples: 

  • Sales and Profit dollars per route.
  • Shipment lines picked per order picker.
  • Lines packed per order packer.
  • Orders by time of day analysis. 

Fuel charges have taken a toll on the company's bottom line.  Now there is an easier way to add a fuel/energy surcharge to offset the high cost of fuel.  Flexibility is the key!  Here are examples of user defined options:

  • With a company default, you can apply a global surcharge across the board.    
  • Utilizing a customer specific table, you can exclude or adjust the amount for that specific customer. 
  • Additionally, you can assess the amount based on Per Shipment versus Per Stop.

 NO THIRD PARTY software needed, no additional hardware, 100% Progress based 

ü       Unlimited number of users (limited only by the number of Prophet 21 and progress licenses currently available on the system).

ü       Easily accessible from within any Prophet 21 session or as a standalone application



?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        Full integration between UPS Worldship and Prophet 21 Acclaim?/span>.

?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        Links to multiple Acclaim?Tables (i.e. Shipping, Order, Customer Contact, invoice, etc...).

?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        Integration with UPS free Quantum Email notification functionality to your customers

?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        On-Line and up to the minute ship status.


?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        ALL tracking numbers for a shipment are stored.  Multiple tracking numbers are stored as a NOTEPAD.

?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        FAST in/out Shipment manifest function with a dynamic screen to quickly view all shipments by route.

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?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        Automatic scan to identify "missing tickets" that can be emailed to the warehouse manager and/or staff member charged with identify missing shipments.

?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">       User defined ship stages to add additional ship stages that can be customized to your operation (for example, an additional quality assurance step to insure shipping accuracy).

?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">       User friendly browse for ease of navigation

?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">       Report will refresh each time the report runs

?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">       Compatible with All versions of Activant ?Acclaim?/span>

?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">       Unlimited number of users (limited only by the number of Activant and Progress licenses currently available on the system).

?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">       Easily accessible from within any Activant session or as a standalone application



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?/span>        Very cost effective integration for UPS shipments

?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        Seamlessly assess a fuel surcharge

?/span>        Rich functionality to track and monitor shipments delivered by company fleet

?/span>        Evaluate shipping performance based on empirical data

?/span>        Improve customer service to let the customer know up to the minute the status of a particular shipment

?/span>         With the data provided, incentive programs can be formulate for the warehouse and shipping staff

?/span>        Manage and evaluate warehouse and shipping operations for cost-benefit analysis

?/span>        Record all packing information and can be optionally printed onto the ship ticket


Additional Hardware Requirement:
  • Bar code scanner (Recommended only )
  • PC to run UPS Worldship

Additional Software Requirement:

  • Forms package to print Bar codes on forms  (Recommended only)

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