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Purchase Order REVIEW

Working as a purchasing manager, I have always looked for a way to review a purchase order before actually placing the order with a vendor; WITHOUT having to do another line review.  This new module accomplishes this goal.  The screen displays a summary of the purchase order with line details along with a quick evaluation of the purchased item.  In addition, if additional quantities are required, that too will also be shown on the line details.  Moving the video bar will display item history information in a separate window pane at the bottom of the screen.

In addition, the module will scan the entire product line for stock and non-stock requirements that may have been missed.  If items are found, they are appended to the end of the purchase order lines for review.



·        Parameter driven to select purchase orders based on PO Date, Vendor and/or buyer

·        Built on the solid Progress 4GL platform.

·        Error checking to display incorrect entries.

·        Adhere to established purchasing parameters

·       An option is available to "flag" a purchase order as having been reviewed.

·       User friendly browse for ease of navigation

·       Compatible with All versions of Prophet 21 – Acclaim®

·       Unlimited number of users (limited only by the number of Prophet 21 and progress licenses currently available on the system).

·       Easily accessible from within any Prophet 21 session or as a standalone application




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·        A time saving feature to review purchase orders for possible errors

·        Improve efficiency in purchasing

·        In the case where an Approving Authorities exists, this will facilitate the purchasing/approval process

·        Avoid unnecessary delays causing stock outs and poor customer service

·        Avoid over stocks from over buys

·        Careful cash flow and payable balance by monitoring expenditures via purchasing


Additional Hardware Requirement: None

Additional Software Requirement: None


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