Working together
We are always working to
develop challenging and innovative solutions. 
Give us your Suggestions.

Mission Statement:


Our goal is to provide our clients with

innovative solutions, unsurpassed

service and the assurance that their

experiences exceed all expectations.


We have worked in the distribution industry for over twenty years; direct responsibilities include Information Technology (IT), Purchasing and Inventory Management.  Since 1997, we have worked exclusively as IT Consultants servicing the distribution industry providing everyday solutions that enhance productivities and profits.


Our goal is to assist companies with creating superior customer service and promoting profitability by shaping technology, adding depth and intelligence to their current operating systems.  Most organizations have tremendous data that are stored and forgotten.  One of our strength is our ability to tap into this informational gold mine and extract precious resources that can be used to help companies enhance their business with better understanding of their clients.  


Our services and solutions compliment most existing ERP Software implementation.  With tight data integration, many of our solutions will work in conjunction with existing software.  We develop solutions that will yield maximum performance whether it is developed with Progress 4GL or Microsoft's Windows platform.


Utilizing the principles of Rapid Application Development (RAD), we produce applications at breakneck speeds.  Our applications are created with users in-mind.  Our development team work welcome inputs and recommendations from Users and clients.  We recognize and embrace this cooperative environment.  It is through this team effort that we can produce richer and more robust solutions for our clients.


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