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System Admin

Expire Customized Items
This utility will scan the customized item records and AUTOMATICALLY expire prices based on the record's "EXP-DATE."  This will turn the "EXP-DATE" from and "informational only" to be an effective date.   (Please see our utility to PREVIEW prices BEFORE prices expires) 

PO Cost Change
An enhanced PO Change function that incorporates all the functionalities of the original plus the added option to change by PO LINE number.



Missing Buy Schedules
Zero cost purchase orders wreaks havoc with the moving average cost.  Avoid this problem by making sure buy schedules has been established for your vendors.


Different Vendors
For those instances where its necessary to identify those items that are purchased from vendors OTHER than its primary vendor as defined in the item record.  This was useful during vendor price negotiations.|

Re-Organize WBW History
An alternative to reorganize Who-Bought-What* data.  This option will reorganize product groups and salesman information based on provided parameters.  The  product group will be changed to the current value of the item as indicated in the Item Database.  Similarly, the salesman will be changed to the current value as stored in the customer record or a customer's alternate ship-to record.  Additionally, each of the options above will have the added optional parameter to limit the reorganization based on the specified invoice date range.
*"Who-Bought-What" is a possible trademark of Prophet 21

PRE-Load Price Changes
Pre-load your price changes from a file with an effective date.  The changes will  automatically take affect.  Full functions to edit, purge and load changes on demand.  The program will affect both the Item and Catalog databases.  Confirmation emails are generated for exceptions if either item and/or catalog item could not be found.



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