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Sales Management

Sales Velocity
A unique view of the data in BOTH the Sales Comparison module and Customer Sales Ranking.
This unique view helps sales people to better manage their accounts and identify potential sales problems.


Expire Customized Items
This utility will scan the customized item records and AUTOMATICALLY expire prices based on the record's "EXP-DATE."  This will turn the "EXP-DATE" from and "informational only" to be an effective date.   (Please see our utility to PREVIEW prices BEFORE prices expires.


Preview Pricing Report
This report will PREVIEW future customer pricing after a customer's customized item has expired.  This will facilitate price changes in a customer's pricing matrix BEFORE current pricing expires.  (Please see our utility to automatic expire customized items). 

Check Sales Override Profitability
Don't be unpleasantly surprised by poorly  maintained overrides.  With this tool, overrides are scanned and past performances based on profitability are displayed on the screen.  This will allow for a QUICK review to identify potential problems.



PO Allocation Preview
Get a handle on your Receiving BEFORE it overwhelms your warehouse.  This report will review each purchase order and display the expected allocations BEFORE the purchase order is received.  This allows the warehouse to better plan large incoming shipments and facilitate the cross-dock process.



Enhanced Profit Exception
This enhanced report goes one step further than the standard exception report.  It follows the invoicing business rule and retrieve the CURRENT moving average costs at time of report.  This will provide a more precise picture of profitability BEFORE INVOICING.



Check Sales Group Profitability
Test and review a particular Vendor Sales group by profitability.  A very useful tool when evaluating and updating a pricing matrix.


PRE-Load Price Changes
Pre-load your price changes from a file with an effective date.  The changes will  automatically take affect as the clock rolls to the effective date.  Additional functions to edit and purge data prior to the effective date is included with module.  The program will affect both the Item and Catalog databases.  Confirmation emails are generated for exceptions if either item and/or catalog item could not be found.

Expediting Notes
Expediting Purchase Orders is an efficient process to review and manage open purchase orders and customer orders. With this utility, conversations and notes are easily recorded and all associated EXP-DATES (PO and Customer Orders) are automatically updated.  An expeditor need to make ONLY ONE entry and the system will do the rest.  Additionally, if a PO quantity is less than customer orders, it will change ONLY those customer backorders based order date and allocable quantities.


Sales Group Profitability Scan
Easily test for profitability for a range of customers.  It will review past performance as a baseline to formulate possible changes to existing pricing scheme.



Freight Charged
We now have a tool to review and invoice missed freight charges.  The program is triggered by vendor invoices where freight was paid.  From  there, the program will follow the path from A/P, PO, Receiving and  all the associated customer orders.

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