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Enhanced Item Service Level
This enhanced report will provides additional inventory status information.  With the current inventory data, it is easier to review this report in the context of where the inventory WAS and where it stands today.


PO Cost Change
An enhanced PO Change function that incorporates all the functionalities of the original plus the added option to change by PO LINE number.




PRE-Load Price Changes
Pre-load your price changes from a file with an effective date.  The changes will  automatically take affect as the clock rolls to the effective date.  Additional functions to edit and purge data prior to the effective date is included with module.  The program will affect both the Item and Catalog databases.  Confirmation emails are generated for exceptions if either item and/or catalog item could not be found.

PO Review
A dynamic tool to review individual purchase orders prior to finalizing and placing the purchase order with the vendor.  Built using a series of browses, the purchase order is presented with a months supply analysis as well as a recommended additional purchase quantity - if necessary.  If additional items are required, they are appended to the bottom of the screen for review.
Excellent tool!!  Invaluable for those organizations with an approving authority prior to placement of purchase orders.

Expediting Notes
Expediting Purchase Orders is an efficient process to review and manage open purchase orders and customer orders. With this utility, conversations and notes are easily recorded and all associated EXP-DATES (PO and Customer Orders) are automatically updated.  An expeditor need to make ONLY ONE entry and the system will do the rest.  Additionally, if a PO quantity is less than customer orders, it will change ONLY those customer backorders based order date and allocable quantities.


Missing Buy Schedules
Zero cost purchase orders wreaks havoc with the moving average cost.  Avoid this problem by making sure buy schedules has been established for your vendors.


Different Vendors
For those instances where its necessary to identify items are purchased other than from it primary vendor, this program will facilitate this process.  A useful function during vendor performance review to better identify those items that pertains to the vendor being reviewed..

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