Working together
We are always working to
develop challenging and innovative solutions. 
Give us your Suggestions.
Our library of solutions includes programs in many areas of operation.  Our focus is always to enhance performance, productivity and profitability. 

Our innovative solutions utilizes the powerful software platform from which Prophet 21 Acclaim?was developed.
We have done extensive work in many areas of the system and developed our suite of solutions.


Purchasing & Inventory Control


System Administration

Warehouse Management 



We have developed numerous Windows Applications utilizing Microsoft's Visual Basic Enterprise Development (VB) platform -- producing custom solutions that meets a client's needs.  With a comprehensive 360 degrees approach and utilizing the principles of Rapid Application Development (RAD), fully functional applications are developed at record speeds.  Most of all, the finish product reflects the views of ALL interested parties. We invite everyone to make investments in the project at the onset and through out the development process; integrating key ideas and balancing function against performance.  As a result, the final product is a reflection of their imagination as well as ours.

Data Integration with Third Party Software

Sales Call Manager


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