Working together
We are always working to
develop challenging and innovative solutions. 
Give us your Suggestions.
Our library of solutions includes programs in many areas of operation.  Our focus is always to enhance performance, productivity and profitability. 


Our innovative solutions utilize Progressís powerful software platform seamlessly integrating into Activant Acclaim?

Through our extensive work experiences, we have developed a suite of solutions to address every day problems.  Browse through our selections and see if one is right for you.  We can also customize any of our applications to fit your organizationís unique needs.


Shipping Manifest with Fuel Surcharge Module ?gain better control of your shipping and packing process?/span>

Pre-Load Price Change - preload price changes from a file with an effective date, changes will automatically take effect?/span>

Consolidated Pick List ? display a consolidated PICKING LIST sorted by bin numbers for MULTIPLE orders, maximizing efficiency?/p>

PO  Review - review individual purchase orders prior to finalizing and placing the order with the vendor...

PO Expediting Notes - review and manage open purchase orders and customer orders, updates with a single entry?/span>

Sales velocity - help sales people better manage their accounts and identify potential sales problems?/span>




We have developed numerous Windows Applications utilizing Microsoft's Visual Basic Enterprise Development (VB) platform


We welcome inputs from users for the project from the onset and throughout the development process; integrating key ideas and balancing function against performance.   With a comprehensive 360 degrees approach, utilizing the principles of Rapid Application Development (RAD), applications are developed at record speeds.  More importantly, the finish product reflects visions from ALL interested parties. As a result, the final product is a reflection of their imagination and our experience.


Data Integration with Third Party Software

Sales Call Manager


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