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Enhanced Item Service Lever Report

In addition to the standard data displayed in the current Item Service Level report, this enhanced report will display current inventory status as well as item usage data.

This is a parameter driven report with Start and End range by Vendor.  In addition, the report can be limited in scope based on maximum service level percentage.



·        Built on the solid Progress 4GL platform.

·        Printer option stanza to select from any created AIX print queues.

·       Report will refresh each time the report runs

·       Compatible with All versions of Prophet 21 – Acclaim®

·       Unlimited number of users (limited only by the number of Prophet 21 and progress licenses currently available on the system).

·       Easily accessible from within any Prophet 21 session or as a standalone application



·        Eliminate the many screen "flips" when evaluating the Item Service Level report

·        Review only the vendor you want by specifying the vendor range

·        Maximize customer service by reducing stock outs

·        Review product line performance


Additional Hardware Requirement: None

Additional Software Requirement: None

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