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How long is the trial period?
30 Days.

How do I install the programs?
Installation is EASY. 

Download the “tar” file (similar to “ZIP” files in the PC environment).  Expand the files with the command provided.  Access a “JUMP TO” box from Prophet 21 Acclaim and type in the command as instructed.

Will it take up a lot of storage?
No.  The programs are compact.  Most programs are written as multiple components as a result we maximize memory usage.

Do I have to log off my users or prevent people from using certain modules?
No.  Loading the programs does NOT require ANY service interruption.  The installation is transparent to everyone and users are free to conduct business as normal.

How long does it take to load the program and is this an after-hour task?
The most time required will likely be downloading the program – depending on your connection.  The actual installation (un-tar the files) will take seconds.  We recommend incorporating the programs as part of either a JCM or within a user defined menu (recommended).  Additional time may be required if you are not familiar with these modules.

Do I have to stop and restart the system?
No.  Once the programs are loaded onto the system and un-tar, they are available for use immediately.

Is there a limit to the number of users?
The only license limit is based on your existing AIX and Progress license agreements with Prophet 21.

How can I get training and support?
We will be happy to offer any help you may need for the installation and use of our applications.

Will it interfere with the operation of my Prophet 21 system?
No.  The programs are in ADDITION (hence to your existing system.  We offer applications that will enhance your current system implementation.

Can I implement security?
Yes.  Depending on how you choose to implement the program, you can enforce security with Acclaim and/or AIX security protocols.

Can programs be included as part of my JCM's?
Yes.  The programs can be initiated with a JCM.  However, since these are Progress applications, you will need to use MACRO’s to achieve program automation.

Can the programs be modified to meet my business needs?
Yes.  We do offer custom services to tailor any existing programs or to create any application to your specifications.  However, we also encourage and welcome input from everyone in ways to improve any existing applications.  These are FREE and any improvements made will be distributed to everyone in future releases.  Please feel free to provide us with your input.

Why are you offering these programs?
We have been working with the Prophet 21 system through its different product generations for nearly twenty years (as a system administrator, certified consultant and programmer/developer).  Even with this depth of knowledge and experience, there were always requirements or needs that were not satisfied. 

Some of these programs are a realization of our own unfulfilled requirements.  For example, there was no efficient way to review purchases PRIOR to signing the purchase order.  A way was needed to quickly review the accuracy of a purchase order PRIOR to authorizing it.  Thus “PO Review” was borne. 
We hope these programs will satisfy some of your unfulfilled business requirements.

What is a keycode and what is the "keycodefile.dat"?
Our programs are initialized using key codes.  A key code is emailed to you upon completion of registration process.  Simply copy and paste the code into the keycodefile.dat file.

 What do I do if I wish to purchase a permanent license for the program(s)?
Upon purchase of a permanent license, a new key code will be provided.  WITHOUT removing any existing key code, simply copy and paste the new key code to the existing keycodefile.dat file.

What do I do if I do not want the program?
You can either delete the files that were copied or leave them on the system or at such time as you may wish to implement of remove them in the future.  The installation and or un-installation of these programs DO NOT reflect the complexity as experienced with the Microsoft Windows environment.  There are NO registry changes, DLL files, etc.


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