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Sales Call Manager

Use this tool to prospect for new customers or exploit new opportunities with your existing customers.  This program will record calls to customers and save the results of these calls for review and reporting. 

Sales Managers has the ability to generate a Master Call List they can then apportion to various salespeople.  Once assigned, there is a full audit trail to track the calls with a full accounting of what transpired with the call.  The salespeople has full functionality to manage and work the calls within their queue.

With summary reports, the sales manager can instantly view on the screen the status of a call or productivity generated by the sales people for assigned calls.




        Client-Server environment.

        Flexible parameters to generate a Master Call List.

        User Control protocol to regulate access to build Master Call List.  Sales people will be allowed to generate a call list ONLY for themselves

        Dynamic data integration to Prophet 21 where certain data elements are automatically refreshed when accessed



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        Email reminders when open calls are in queue

        Predefined call status to simplify and expedite calls.

        Data Integration back to Prophet 21 to correct erroneous data

        Ability to pass call to other salespeople, particularly when a call requires the expertise of someone else within the call queues.

       Full Audit Trail for each call

       Browse capability for easy navigation

       On screen reporting



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        Improve your sales call procedure by organizing and tracking results

        Track your efforts to qualify your investment

        Intuitive interface resulting in a short to NO learning curve

        Minimal maintenance from IT, resulting in a remarkable Return On Investment with low cost of ownership

        In many instances, all the hardware needed is already available in the enterprise


Additional Hardware Requirement: None

Additional Software Requirement: None


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